Vest, Besi, Sm 25-29" w/ Crotch Strap

SKU: 04-11225

Besi Restraint Vest

BR25 Waist 25-29 Small

  • BR-25AI-C
  • Waist Size Range: 22"-25"-28"
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Vest comes with sewn in zipper
  • H-Back Seat Mount
  • Expandable Vest. Avaialbe w/ crotch strap.

BESI and UNIVERSAL Safety Securement Vests weight range on the Small and Medium is 25 - 165 Lbs Our Securement Vests are dynamically tested to meet FMVSS-213 standard, along with FMVSS-302 flammability requirements.

The BESI and UNIVERSAL Safety Securement Vest is available in 4 color coded sizes: small, medium and large, Extra Large (Only in UNIVERSAL Style)

The BESI Safety Vest comes with 2 separate zipper inserts that gives you the ability to adjust to any size child! Inserts expand the vest 2" and 4". Both inserts may be zipped together to expand the vest up to 6".

BESI and UNIVERSAL Safety Securement Vests are color coded by size. The seat mounts are color coded to match the vest. The UNIVERSAL Vest is offered with attached inserts. The attached inserts are two 3" panels with a maximum expansion of 6". Also, includes shoulder adjustability

BESI Vest – Small – Item # BR-22AI-C

  • Waist Size Range – 22″ to 28″
  • BESI Insert #BI-22-2 for child waist 24″
  • BESI Insert #BI-22-4 for child waist 2