Texas Made School Bus Seat Covers

Heavy Duty Bus Parts Warehouse

Heavy Duty Bus Parts has manufactured school bus seat covers since 1968, dedicated to customer service and quality. Our tenured staff has combined experience of more than 100 years.

We invested in a Gerber Paragon CNC Cutter, automated spreader, pattern digitizer and CAD program. This enables us to create any pattern within minutes, spread over 2,000 yards of vinyl and cut more than 2,000 seat covers daily. Every sewing machine has dual needles to double stich the seat cover seams, providing a significantly durable product.

All patterns, colors and vinyl types are available, contact us by phone at (800)505-2300 or by email for pricing and part #'s. Ask about our best price guarantee.




We can take any pattern and create a CAD file ready to cut within minutes with our advanced digitizer and accompanying software.

CAD Work

We can make any modifications you may require,whether it is for seat belts, custom vinyl handles for installation, velcro mounting or J-Hook mounting. 


Automated spreading offers decreased production times and more precise spreads which reduce costs that are passed to customers.


The Gerber Paragon utilizes the newest CNC cutting technology and conveyor system for precise, accurate cuts at an extremely expedited pace.


Nothing beats double stitched seat covers. All covers we manufacture are double stitched to provide superior durability.


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